About Us

We provide natural gas and electric energy services to households, businesses, and institutions with a single goal in mind—to deliver substantial and lasting savings for each and every customer.

North Energy is a strong, established retail provider of natural gas and electric, serving both residential and commercial customers since the deregulation of the energy market. We are approved by the New York State Public Service commission and your local utility.

With proven energy expertise and a strong history of excellent customer service, we can provide you with a convenient and hassle-free switching and billing experience and a proven method of reducing your energy expenses.

With our highly competitive rates and wide variety of convenient pricing options, we will show you a number of strong financial reasons for choosing to do business with North Energy. We look forward to helping you enter into a satisfying long-term relationship with a strong, stable, customer-focused energy partner.

Company Information

North Energy is committed to providing excellent customer service, great rates, and distinct pricing.
• We offer competitive pricing and clear cut rate plans.
• We are a local company and support local businesses.
• We provide customers with convenient enrollment options.
• We are recognized and recommended by the New York Public Service Commissioner.
• We provide you with outstanding customer service.
• We make it easier for you by combining our bill with your local utility so you don’t have the hassle of paying two separate bills.
• We have absolutely no additional or monthly fees.

What we do

North Energy is a rapidly growing Energy Services Company focused on supplying our customers with best-of-class service and affordable natural gas. We go above and beyond to provide reliability and certainty in a volatile energy market. North Energy will seek true understanding of our customers’ needs and will strive to provide solutions exceeding their expectations. Our mission is simple—to maintain all energy rates as low as possible for our customers.