Enterprise and Industrial

Natural Gas and Electricity

The Large Business and Industrial segment serves businesses that use over 500,000 Kwh or 30,000 therms in gas annually, at either a single location or in aggregate at multiple locations throughout New York. Examples of customers in this category include manufacturing facilities, restaurant groups, state and federal government facilities and school systems.

North Energy would be happy to help your large business with your energy needs. One of our experienced consultants would be glad to help you out by providing you with savings analysis and showing you ways to save. Please contact our enterprise team at the email or number below:


(718) 435-9000

Customized Rates

North Energy offers Large Business and Industrial customers customized rate plans based on your business’ energy needs. Our customized offers include fixed, NYMEX adder and seasonal rate plans as well as additional products designed to meet the specific demands of our Large Business and Industrial customers. Contact us directly today at largebusiness@northenergy.net.