Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Energy Service Companies?

A: Energy service companies are registered with the public service commission and compete to sell you natural gas.

Q: Who is North Energy?

A: north Energy is a registered supplier of natural gas approved by the New York State Public Service Commission. North Energy’s mission is to provide low cost natural gas to businesses and homeowners at as low a rate as possible.

Q: Who will deliver my gas?

A: your local utility will use its existing gas pipelines and equipment to deliver the gas that you buy from us. The local utility is still responsible for maintaining the gas lines and reading the meter.

Q: Will I save Money if I buy my gas through North Energy?

A: YES! North Energy has been saving their customers upto 35% on their monthly gas bills.

Q: Will my service continue as usual?

A: Your utility company will continue to read your meter and deliver the energy to your home or business. They will also assist you in case of and emergency such as a gas leak. Your bill will continue coming from your local utility only with a lower rate for you gas supply.

Q: How is North Energy different from my utility company?

A: Most utilities offer variable rate plans. Our fixed rate plan is unique, allowing you to lock in a rate for up to three years.

Q: Are there any monthly fees, switching fees or service fees?

A: none whatsoever.

Q: How do I enroll with North Energy?

A: give us a call at 718-435-9100 or you can just fill out the enrollment form right here.