Residential Natural Gas Rates

North Energy offers competitive residential natural gas rates in a variety of plans to fit just about every lifestyle.

North Energy is committed to providing consumers clear pricing and smart, simple natural gas rate plans. Residential customers can exercise control over their natural gas rates and prices by comparing the benefits of variable and fixed rate plans.

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Variable Rates

A variable rate fluctuates monthly according to current market conditions such as global demand, production and seasonal conditions.

No contract is necessary and you are afforded the right to cancel your service and compare other natural gas providers and prices at anytime without any penalty or cancellation fees. In fact this is why it’s referred to as a variable rate, because future market conditions are the unknown in the pricing equation.

Fixed Rates

A fixed rate plan allows residents to lock in a particular rate for several months at a time. This offers stability and security because regardless of the market conditions, your current rate will not increase.